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Peeping Tom

Director – Michael Powell – 1960 – UK – Cert. 15 – 101m


It’s just a film – isn’t it?” The obsessive home moviemaker who lives in the attic is photographing women as he kills them, leaving an inexplicable look of abject terror on his victims’ faces as they die – back out in UK cinemas on Friday, October 27th; major season Cinema Unbound: The Creative Worlds Of Powell + Pressburger continues at BFI Southbank and on BFI Player until the end of December

What would have happened to Michael Powell if he and Emeric Pressburger had never met each other? Powell cut his teeth making ‘quota quickies’ in the 1930s British film industry: low budget films whose function was to ensure British talent got a chance in an international industry dominated by product from Hollywood. His final film before he and Pressburger began working together is the impressive The Edge Of The World (1937) about a remote Scottish island. One of his first after they went their separate artistic ways was Peeping Tom (1960), now widely regarded as his strongest solo outing.

It was made the same year Hitchcock released Psycho, but where that film about a psychopathic killer worked wonders for Hitch’s career in Hollywood, this one saw Powell vilified by contemporary critics.… Read the rest