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Top Ten (UK theatrical + online movie releases 2020)

All films received either a theatrical or an online release in the UK between 01/01/20 and 31/12/20. I’ve never previously included online releases (well, maybe the odd one or two as a special case) but this year the film distribution business has been turned upside down by COVID-19. How 2021 and beyond will look is anyone’s guess.

Please click on titles to see reviews. (Some links yet to be added.)

1. Parasite (S.Korea) reviews one and two

2. Coup 53 (UK)

3. A Hidden Life (US/Austria/Germany)

4. Akira (1988, IMAX reissue) (Japan)

5. The Eight Hundred (China)

6. Possessor (Canada) reviews one and introductory link to two

7. Misbehaviour (UK)

8. Dick Johnson Is Dead (US)

9. Away (Latvia, no dialogue!)

10. Snowpiercer
(2013, Eng lang, S.Korea, UK theatrical release in 2020 – finally!)

11. Run (UK)

12. Sócrates (Brazil)

13. County Lines (UK)

14. First Love (Japan)

15. Parasite (Black & White) (S.Korea)

16. The Vast Of Night (US)

17. I’m Thinking Of Ending Things (US)

18. Over The Moon (US/China)

19. WolfWalkers (Ireland) reviews one and two

20. Sheep Without A Shepherd (China)

21. The Woman Who Ran (S.Korea)

22. The Bold, The Corrupt And The Beautiful (Taiwan)

23. Rocks (UK)

24. Lynn + Lucy (UK)

25. Calm With Horses (Ireland)

26. System Crasher (Germany)

27. Memories Of Murder (2003, reissue) (S.Korea)

28. Barking Dogs Never Bite (2000, S.Korea)

29. 23 Walks (UK)

30. Muscle (UK)

31. Adoration (Belgium)

32. Yes, God, YES (US)

33. Family Romance LLC (Germany, Japan)

34. The Uncertain Kingdom (UK)

35. Virus Tropical (Colombia)

36. A White, White Day (Iceland)

37. The Assistant (UK)

38. Last And First Men (UK)

39. Pinocchio (Italy)

40. Babyteeth (Australia)

41. Capital In The 21st Century (France)

42. In The Line Of Duty (US)

43. Buñuel In The Labyrinth Of The Turtles (Netherlands)

44. Real (UK)

45. Scoob! (US)

46. Richard Jewell (US)

47. The Call Of The Wild (US)

48. The Roads Not Taken (US)

49. Bill And Ted Face The Music (US)

50. La Haine (1995, reissue) (France)


1. The Iron Mask (China/Russia)

2. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (UK)

3. St. Maud (UK)

4. Radioactive (France)

5. Doolittle (US)

6. Military Wives (UK)

7. Rebecca (UK)

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